Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back to blogging

What should we have for dinner tonight??

Still debating... I am thinking meatloaf, but if I don't make it to the store to get some saltine crackers, we just might end up with Spagheti or taco salads!!

I made the decision on tuesday that we were going to stick to a budget on groceries this week, and used what we had at home to help me decide what we were going to eat this week! I actually did really good at Winco and stayed to the list, with the addition of Brownie Mix, but I can use that as a dessert sometime this week.

Last night was Tator Tot Casserole.. A huge hit with the kids, and since it was cheap and easy, my guess is that it will make it on the menu for next week too!!

Alright, I am off to the cubbard... I will report back tomorrow with an update about dinner and with my plans for next weeks menu!!


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